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who's joining a 30-day challenge? Let's slideeeee into the New Year with an elegant split haha. Let's do this routine every day (maybe even 2x) and fingers crossed we can get our splits fast! / Anzeige

So: I USED to be able to do them. And then I stopped stretching and I totally lost it :D but I remember: it loved the feeling \u0026 the simple fact that "I can do the splits" lol.

Those stretches are fully targeted on hip mobility, hamstring \u0026 thigh flexibility. This is necessary to slideeee into a front split.

Who's joining my challenge? You can use to share your progress with me!


You can do this after any kind of workout, as a wake-up stretch in the morning or before yu go to bed :) there is no "wrong" timing here.

No Equipment needed. Just prepare a soft surface like a yoga mat or towel :)


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1. Sara Kays - Remember That Night? 0:00 - 3:45
2. MAY-A - Apricots 3:46 - 6:56
3. Forest Blakk - If You Love Her 6:57 - 9:39

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When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.



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Pamela Reif
Pamela Reif 6 hónapja
who's in for a 30-day challenge? Fun Fact: I was even DREAMING about gracefully sliding into the splits haha. It was the nicest feeling ever 😂😂 I was just walking around the house - splitting my way through the rooms. That's one of my goals for 2021!!
Naruto,Sasuke Deku,Bakugo,Todoroki
My lord, every step of it was challenging but thank you I will try my best until I get it.
Mariska Forever
Mariska Forever 12 napja
Sameee I dreamt about 2 nights ago about doing the splits without much effort in front of my friends! It has motivated me a lot!
Brittani Witherspoon
Your so pretty omg
Kshipra Dhamankar
@Isa Chan wow that's cool I'm trying to get it in on day 2 currently wish me luck!! 😂😭
Yaren N.
Yaren N. 25 napja
We are waiting:)
Grace Simper
Grace Simper 9 órája
I wonder if she can actually do splits, or if she’s trying to get them. I have been able to do splits for 2 years now!
This really worked!!!! 😯
Prizma Dahal
Forgot the word beginner😩
Princess Sci-Twi
I got a solution for hurting knees: Step 1:get drunk Step 2: tell someone to force u do the splits and leave you like that when you pass out
لمى 2 napja
My soul almost left my body while doing that
lea nct
lea nct 2 napja
Hey Pamela. I’m halfway there with my splits. Doing this 2x a day with rest day in between . Done 8 sets (4 times in total) of these.
존시락 3 napja
하제 씨게한날은 꼭 하는 스트레칭이예요 골반도 같이교정되고 최고 좋아요 꾹꾹 누르고갑니다 ㅎㅎ
Edinah Taye
Edinah Taye 3 napja
Thanks to u i got my splits on a week but am still doing this stretching for more keep up girls if u feel the pain remember its for today tomorrow it will be better and think about ur goal 😊😊😊😍
Neha :'v
Neha :'v 5 napja
I did it for 20 days with 2 days off... And saw no change :'(
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson 5 napja
Love the music this workout!
aron RM
aron RM 6 napja
I’m I the only one who can do it but only with one leg?
Jesse Lewin
Jesse Lewin 6 napja
I was crying to the song and through the pain my legs were feeling🤣
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana 6 napja
day 1 ✅ day 2✅ day 3 ✅ day 4 ✅
Swetha Mohan
Swetha Mohan 6 napja
This stretch is effective, I got my right splits in a week❤
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who is watching in 2021 and missing her background
tally pisarevsky
olmost done my first week of completing this exercise every single day, (attempting to master the splits) and I already start to notice that the burn is fading, thank you so much for the help Pamela!!!
I've been doing this for 4 months nearly every day and haven't seen any improvement since the 6th week :( I'm not even one millimeter closer to the floor than in week 6. Anyone got some idea what to do? With a lot of the stretches I've even reached the point where they don't hurt anymore but I don't know how to adjust the pose to make them "hurt" again - my body is like: nope, we're not moving beyond that point :/ Anybody got an idea?
Grand Master Oogway
@SunflowerofDeath Glad to know that it helped ♥️
Thanks! I'll start trying right away :)
Grand Master Oogway
hutown.info/base/vide/2nmf1IebaGSaZaM.html Watch this video.. A girl in the comment section had the same problem..She watched this video and this helped her
Thestarry Official
I am going to do it twice a day
Luru pw
Luru pw 7 napja
Yeah i got it in 5days
BadHeartEm 8 napja
Lulu Anais
Lulu Anais 8 napja
It’s 2:30 in the morning and this is where I’ve ended up lmao
Maha 9 napja
This actually worked!! Got my splits in 4 weeks doing this daily. Thank youuuuuu Pamela!!
Art city
Art city 10 napja
She was giving her photo pose if u notice 🤣
cute 10 napja
mom, dad, I'm dying in my room rn
tally pisarevsky
haha I just started learning and doing this exercise, working my way up to the splits, and I can already feel the slight change in my legs postures, thank you so much Pamela!
kirsty gallant
kirsty gallant 11 napja
I still can not do a split
Grand Master Oogway
Hahaha.. you're not the only one who can't do splits.. there are millions of people who can't do it.. Just be patience and stretch
kirsty gallant
kirsty gallant 11 napja
why am i the only on who can not do a real split i am so sad
if you read this you're awesome
doing this daily and noting my progress!
Alyssa Thomson
Alyssa Thomson 12 napja
normally I cry because Pam's workouts are so difficult...this time I cried because of the music
Reilly Sammut
Reilly Sammut 13 napja
Me: her house is so big My brain : YOUR SO DUMB ITS WALLPAPER MY BRAIN: u would be dead without me your so dumb
Nadja Machmer
Nadja Machmer 13 napja
Du bist viel schöner, wenn du lachst, als wenn du eine Schnute machst 😉😘🤓
Regina 2005
Regina 2005 13 napja
I really love this songs and your stretching workout I enjoyed it. 🥰
Beatriz Castro
Beatriz Castro 13 napja
This is my favourite workout for stretching, no doubt! Thanks Pamela!!
DuckyDuke 15 napja
I got my split after stretching (almost) everyday for two months and a half, here are my advice : -The position is really important, try to keep control of your body, be precise with your movements - drink water - stretching shouldn't hurt!! If you're hurting, stop - when you feel like you are stuck, try LONGER stretches, don't add more exercises but instead of keeping a position for 10 sec, try 20sec - understand why you're doing the exercizes, when you're in your lunge, try keeping a position for 20 sec, then if you feel like you're comfortable with it, put your feet forward more and more until you're fully in your splits, your body has to get used to the position
Brittani Witherspoon
My children can’t do the splits now I show them this the are cartwheeling into the splits
Kashish Royburman
Day 2 of me tryna get splits! And I'm half dead with my muscles;) wish me luck😖
D O 16 napja
i realised this is not for beginners just 00:47 seconds in.
Beyz 16 napja
How can I found songs like in this video? I love these types musics.
sunflower 17 napja
Always need to be careful with my kneecaps cause of my hyperflexibility 🙄
Dumplingz_3000 17 napja
Thank you Pam! I got my first split ever!
Melike Arıoğlu
1. Gün:✔️ 2. Gün:✔️ 3. Gün:✔️ 4. Gün:✔️ 5. Gün:✔️ 6. Gün:✔️ 7. Gün:✔️ *Egzersizler çoook iyi geldi, bacaklarım esnediği için boyum da büyük ihtimal uzayacak. Esnekliğim baya arttı. Haftaya sonucu tekrar yazarım* ❤️ 8. Gün:✔️ 9. Gün:✔️ 10. Gün:✔️ 11. Gün:✔️ 12. Gün:✔️ 13. Gün:✔️ 14. Gün:✔️ *egzersizlerde artık nerdeyse hiç zorlanmıyorum. Boyum 1 cm kadar uzamış ve bacaklarım daha esnek şu anda* ❤️ 15. Gün: ❌ 16. Gün:❌ 17. Gün: ❌ *regl olduğum için 3 gün yapamadım.* 18. Gün: ✔️ 19. Gün:✔️
Kuljit Thapar
Kuljit Thapar 18 napja
Only having one dream ..to open my split like #ParkJimin..💜💜ahh . #Fighting
Kritika_ BT7
Kritika_ BT7 18 napja
Only having one dream...to open proper split like #ParkJimin .💜💜Ahh .....💜💜 #Fighiting
PinkLillies 18 napja
It worked!!! I can do the splits perfectly now! Like you said, I could do the splits after a month, but it took me a little longer to be able to do it for a long time without feeling any kind of pain. Thank you so so much for this video, it really helped me because now I’m sure that anyone can do anything as long as they put their mind to it. I was actually supposed to send this message right when I was able to do the splits (so like 2 or 3 months ago) but since I became more flexible and positive, I started taking life more seriously, doing more activities and became and straight A student, so I completely forgot. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to possibilities, IOU so much ❤️❤️
hector medina
hector medina 20 napja
Almost Over.
hector medina
hector medina 20 napja
Here Son.
hector medina
hector medina 20 napja
Natural spirit cigarette's 4sure
hector medina
hector medina 20 napja
Fruck 4sure
hector medina
hector medina 20 napja
Wet enough 4sure
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Hair cut's 4sure
hector medina
hector medina 20 napja
medicina Bilingual 4sure
hector medina
hector medina 20 napja
5 minute Convo's 4sure
hector medina
hector medina 20 napja
OH;;;When theY; Go bad
aquamarine kittens0
shaperbros 20 napja
Am I the only one who noticed that the stretching last for 9 min hahahahaa
Jodie Oxoteguy
Jodie Oxoteguy 20 napja
this is a strech video miss girl not a show off your butt video
rue 11 napja
Kim Jendeukie
Kim Jendeukie 20 napja
I’m flexible but I still can’t do the splits 😭 what am I doing wrong 😭
Mila Downes
Mila Downes 20 napja
I swore to myself I would force myself through this! I was almost there and didn't realise until I gave up with 4 seconds to go! noooo
Mila Downes
Mila Downes 20 napja
I physically cannot do this. Mentally i'm all set but I swear I just heard a snapping from my legs.
Malia Shimizu
Malia Shimizu 21 napja
Good stretch but ima need some city girl music playing in the background next time i almost fell asleep
Avery Littman
Avery Littman 21 napja
Alexia McGuire
Alexia McGuire 21 napja
i dunno why but the pigeon is my fave pose! But + thigh up... man, my muscles are burnin'
ClaDo 22 napja
Going to try to do this every day! Adding comment for accountability. Day 1: ✔️ I am really far. 24cm off the floor Day 2: ✔️ still far of course! Day 3: ✔️ still far Day 4: ✔️ [I was sick so I had to take a break for a few days] Day 5: ✔️ Maybe the break helped! I felt way more flexible this time! Day 6: ✔️
Harvinder Gill
Harvinder Gill 22 napja
Omg thank you soooo much I can do the pike starch know thank youuuuuu
Classic 18 napja
Are you trying to get splits with the stretch or make food with the starch?
Alexander Anghel
Damn Pamela!! You killed me with these stretches. I didnt realize how inflexible I have become on some of these positions. 😁
Yiji_xprw 22 napja
D1: 🥀 D2: 🥀 D3: D4: D5: D6: D7: D8: D9: D10: D11: D12: D13: D14:
SONG HUTZ 22 napja
Thaknk u😍😍
Blackcat Binxy
Blackcat Binxy 23 napja
Me: psssh that looks so easy I can do that no problem Me with my never working out havin ass laying on the ground: well shit. For real though my body felt so good after stretching, I will be doing these every day after waking up now!
Brian Rivera
Brian Rivera 23 napja
Isn’t this the chick haaland was checking out lol
John Jose
John Jose 24 napja
Do you have a back end stretches video? Joanne John (John Jose’s daughter)
hector medina
hector medina 25 napja
hector medina
hector medina 25 napja
Lily Hoey
Lily Hoey 25 napja
This is brilliant, I love how you involved popular music! thank you!
Taylor Ntaba
Taylor Ntaba 25 napja
No one: Absolutely no one: My body:cracks x idk time😂
Saw your bums..I'm like..okay..this one 🙏
Tara Bhai
Tara Bhai 25 napja
Thank you pretty ❣💯 Its 13 days I'm doing this the same way .. and I'm really glad to see a big difference in just 2 weeks.. i wasn't flexible but i do daily down dog pose .. i hope I'll get my perfect splits in 3 to 4 months .. because splits are the most hardest pose .. all the best buddies 🌼🌼🐣 see you on 3rd week 🌼🌼
Dizhwar Salih
Dizhwar Salih 25 napja
Is these exercises applies to boy also???
Vidal Flores Yumiko Nicole
Esto noes para principiantes verdad? JAJAJA porque no pudeeee
shaperbros 26 napja
Should you do this stretching every day if you want to learn the split?
shaperbros 26 napja
Very nice video
bangberry 26 napja
no one: me: watching the video for 3min. realising I‘m sat on my yoga matt getting so relaxed by the music that I forgot to do the excersises :D also me: starts video again. dies. thinks this is not relaxing at all. I‘m good thx T◡T🤚🏻
shaperbros 28 napja
Heyy, I‘ve got a question about the pigeon pose: If iI don‘t manage to put my whole thigh onto the ground should lay it completely down, however, I am then a little slanted in the upper body. Or should I just leave my thigh in natural position with upperbody upright? (: ty for your help
Aastha Bishnoi
Aastha Bishnoi Hónapja
At first it is too difficult But after doing it two three times it's actually amazing Yaahooo!!
Rita Costa
Rita Costa Hónapja
I got my splits today!! I started this challenge on feb 25th, twice a day after my yoga practice. I did this video for a month but then i tried other videos for awhile, always stretching everyday with a day off per week. Last week I came back to this video since it work best for me and today I fully got my left split and my right is almosttt done. Thank you for this routine!! (ps: next time pls dont put a breakup playlist on a video that I have to listen to everyday ahahaha)
Sania Gaming
Sania Gaming 28 napja
😂 good job
FLUKS Hónapja
This Workout is Great!
SURAJ suraj
SURAJ suraj Hónapja
Very useful exercise
Ada Demir
Ada Demir Hónapja
when ı came to low lunge+thigh ı couldn't find my legs...
Sofia Hónapja
how do ik yk how to do the splits hmm sus
Tomioka Everygarden
1.gün✔ 2.gün✔ 3.gün✔ 4.gün✔ 5.gün✔ 6.gün✔ 7.gün✔ 8.gün✔ 9.gün✔ 10.gün✔ 11.gün✔ 12 gün yapmadım bugün bırakıyorum artık kendim 3 hareketle açmaya çalışcam bacakları
You know what I confused myself and started my own stretches 😂
Meow Milev
Meow Milev Hónapja
*Love these stretches. You can see how strong pamela is when her she stretch and hold in that lunge position with the knee not touching the ground!*
Luna Lux
Luna Lux Hónapja
Gurlll you almost kill me... and i love it!!!!
ユー Hónapja
Been doing this for about a month almost every day (it’s hard on days I work sometimes) and I can 100% say my splits are much closer to the ground!!! I will keep going
Mingweicheese Hónapja
Feels golden after!
Lo Hónapja
Reading the comments, I’m so glad i started practicing my splits at 15
Dhilna Nourin
Dhilna Nourin Hónapja
It worked for me within 2 weeks..tysm pam
Rose B
Rose B Hónapja
Week 20 day 4
Mackataktaki Hónapja
Ivana Alawi ❤
Stephanie Montique
day 1 (yesterday): wasn't as hard i thought it would be (COMPLETE) day 2: my leg are sore asf but i'll update when I do it again!! ( pending)
Priyanshi rana
Priyanshi rana Hónapja
In how many days we get result Tell... 👇🏻
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