8 MIN STANDING ABS + HIIT - short and not sweet, burns lots of calories / No Equipment I Pamela Reif 

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Sweat, tone your abs, improve your cardio, burn calories \u0026 feel amazing (afterwards) ♥︎ all in 8 minutes? Well yes, it's a perfect start! / Werbung

I know, this will be another love-hate-relation ship. It's on a similar level as the Jason Derulo Workout, but without a Jason... why should we still do it?

▸ you need to step out of your comfort zone to get stronger!
▸ if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you
▸ it's only 8 minutes
▸ the music is amazing!
▸ you will feel like an absolute goddess afterwards :D


Depending on your fitness level, height and weight you will burn between 60-110 kcal.
I burned about 70kcal in those 10min (remember, I'm a small human and my body is already adapted to plank jumps and jump squats haha).

If you struggle or need a break: don't worry about it. Take a small rest, get something to drink \u0026 continue once you're ready :) most important is that you don't quit and push yourself.


▸ I offer FREE WORKOUT PLANS on my Instagram Channel \u0026 in my Pam App.
30min, 45min Weights / Sweaty / Slow, Beginner Friendly, 60min Hardcore \u0026 a Dance Plan. Updated every Sunday.

➞ my Pam App ♥︎ Free workout plans, recipes \u0026 tips:
Apple: apps.apple.com/app/pam/id1540...
Android: play.google.com/store/apps/de...

➞ Instagram pamela_rf
use if you want me to see your workout pics and videos!


I update my workout playlist weekly \u0026 it's available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. ♥︎

1. Steff da Campo x Chico Rose - 5 On It (71 Digits Remix) 0:00 - 2:30
2. offrami feat. Mougleta - Drunk Calling 2:31 - 5:02
3. Nathan Dawe x Anne-Marie x MoStack - Way Too Long 5:03 - 6:40
4. Fred Again.. x The Blessed Madonna - Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing) 6:41 - 8:35


Business Contact:

unterstützt durch Warner Music Germany

When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.









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Wayne The Cool Dude
Jesus Loves you
Tenki Gao
Tenki Gao Napja
What are your misunderstandings about standing…………
Katherine Pierce
How many calories is 80kcal in this video?? I looked it up and it says 80,000 calories but I feel like that is A LOT OF CALORIES TO BURN
Georgia Nicoletti
MORE workouts with the LATEST SONG please!!!
Ioana Livia DOBRE
Quỳnh Hoa Nguyễn Thị
I misread it as Short and No SWEAT workout, then continously asking why she's giving me hell for 8 min until i read the caption again...
Sara Stajić
Sara Stajić 2 napja
Aaaa i die so hard
vangogh1980 3 napja
And God created Pam!
Draw With Me
Draw With Me 4 napja
Short and "not sweet"
all in one channel
Every time when pamel said well done then i was like yheeee i finished it😆
Pearl Jimin
Pearl Jimin 5 napja
No one else : 07:25 Pam doing Squat Jumps in a beast mode 👀
Manuela R.
Manuela R. 6 napja
How tf can Pamela jump at the end after the squat hold, I mean?! I still can't breath regularly 😭☠️
Hümeyra Tekin
pamela pamela ah kalbim ne çekti senden pamela mağdur ettin elim hisler ile lalallalala ah pamela
Angelashley95 7 napja
Week 24 day 3....did the 15 min and just finished this one...and my legs are killing me...time to go kill my abs with the lower and brutal ab workout. Wish me luck! 🤞
Viktoria Schabl
Music was so good I actually got goosebumps while doing the jump squats 🔥🔥🔥🤤
Humna 12 napja
Pam's taste in music is 👌
Sky Warrior
Sky Warrior 13 napja
my left leg thigh said no ❤️
Mariane Viana
Mariane Viana 13 napja
I love❤🇧🇷
Hyeon Rin Jo
Hyeon Rin Jo 13 napja
Feeling dead truely
maiko 13 napja
Will it reduce my belly fat doing it once?
Wen Chiau
Wen Chiau 15 napja
me: oh yeah it just an 8-minute workout also me: OH MY FCKING GOD
zoë dodson
zoë dodson 15 napja
pam using the song from us makes this workout so much more ominous
mda loulou
mda loulou 15 napja
Dear Pam, could you please create a 20 Minute Full Body No Jumping Apartment friendly workout?
Hadas Italki
Hadas Italki 16 napja
thank you Pamela!!! 💪💕
Wissou M.
Wissou M. 16 napja
The longest 8mins EVER 🙈
Yaprak Çelebi
Yaprak Çelebi 19 napja
30 sn sonra başım ağrıdı amk bu ne
betül 7 napja
devam et bence asırı ise yarıyor, özellikle bacakları fena yakıyor
Dagna Przepłata
Why did i think this would be easy lol
maria helena
maria helena 21 napja
that was IMPOSSIBLE kskskksks
Akira's Workouts
When you read the title: 'short and not sweet' you know something bad is going to happen....
Linda Möckl
Linda Möckl 21 napja
This is by far one of my least workouts because it contains so many plank jumps ahhh
дари маки сдаст на сотки
Ksenija Malisic
Ksenija Malisic 22 napja
Ameera Chyy
Ameera Chyy 23 napja
A fun and fast workout🥵
Health & Fitness Expert
VERY NICEEE VIDEO HERE!!! I Like It!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
ABHI SN 23 napja
Ohh my goodnesss I did it god!!!!!
Eric Abrantès
Eric Abrantès 25 napja
Siana Vassileva
Siana Vassileva 25 napja
I'm sorry to say this but it was just variations of the same thing half of the time. It's just 8 mins, it could have been far more interesting and oririginal.
irina erdemli
irina erdemli 25 napja
shroomimii 25 napja
i have a small phone and i used it instead of my tablet and goddamn i applaud anyone who did this workout especially the ones with a small screen. it’s a bit hard for me to see what’s next even with glasses on lmao
I loved this workout. that was the first day doing
Himani Sharma
Himani Sharma 26 napja
Okay Okay Okay! I literally skip jogging today cz this drained me af!!
Nightingale Marie
Kirstie Gannaway
Thats a great one!!
Massooma 99
Massooma 99 27 napja
How come she is able to walk after workout while I stay 15 min on the floor 😟 recently I started to read books in these minutes when lying on the floor waiting to see if I’m going to live or not 😂
Does anyone know if there's a secret to feeling the wood chopper movement in the abs more?
Buren 28 napja
Can't wait to start my healthy journey! I've seen a lot of recommendations to try your work outs!
Thanh Vân Đặng
Ok never believe in the video title cuz I'm sweating like hell
kalyani_ soudi
kalyani_ soudi 28 napja
Lea Neumann
Lea Neumann 28 napja
i am praying to the universe that it lets me have that same control over my body
Carla Vera-Belmar
Well that was hard 😅 yas
•Mystïc Midnight Wōlf•
Alternative title: "how to kill people without any weapon"
Vaishnavi_navi Jha
Ohhhhhu hoooo I got it ...2:14 was the reason why she wrote that its not sweet 😑....I was like what the hell , my thighs are gonna cry 😭😭😭....but still I put in my all and completed it , Thanks Pam 😊 for your efforts ,.....now ...my thighs are not letting me get up 🥲....
Sarah El-Borai
Sarah El-Borai 29 napja
Great workout!
Emogoesboom! Hónapja
I stand by the fact that standing workouts are so much more fun than floor ones.... I hate wriggling around like a fish out of water, y'know what I mean 😂
Ri Hónapja
just like Jason the wise man said, “feels like 80 minutes”
aircid Hónapja
I was a bit hard on myself for having to take a few breaks and breathers, but I did it! I am so proud of myself. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you :)
1frankiem Hónapja
It burns!!! Thanks for a great workout!!!
Yaprak Çelebi
Yaprak Çelebi Hónapja
like pam said it was not sweet
Gabriel Gutiérrez
Can you do a hyperpop workout pls👉🏼👈🏼
Vitoria Wortman
Vitoria Wortman Hónapja
This is my new favorite workout! Thanks Miss Pamela and may God bless you!
Elif Bahadır
Elif Bahadır Hónapja
I'm a bloody tomato after this... But lovin' it
Gloria Gerboni
Gloria Gerboni Hónapja
Thia is hard but I just love so much the music
le tuan
le tuan Hónapja
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Sad Girl
Sad Girl Hónapja
Don't have money to buy some healthy food to get energy🙂
Alecia Repp
Alecia Repp Hónapja
Irene Pricilia Devi
Need more standing workout like this, bc sometimes i dont have my mat when i go anywhere
Sindy Petronella
Just what I need
Varsha Hónapja
It is hurting to my chest (ー_ー゛)
adriayanett hardy
Thanks for encouraging me and help to achieve my desire fit body 😉💚
Micki Sun
Micki Sun Hónapja
Lots of jumping in this one. So I just alternated it to squats for certain moves.
Nkhensani Khen
Nkhensani Khen Hónapja
I workout in the mornings and I really appreciate that you don't say much in these workouts, we just get to it- this works so great for me. I appreciate you! Love from South Africa 🤍🇿🇦
Grace Heather
Grace Heather Hónapja
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mmpj twod
mmpj twod Hónapja
I have to keep repeating the phrase “she isn’t trying to kill you” lmao
Bella Iza
Bella Iza Hónapja
oh yes so right... it burnssss my abs.... but no pain no gain...
Mya SE
Mya SE Hónapja
Week 20, Day 1✅
Georgia Nicoletti
doing these new HIIT killer days, my neighbors are like "why is she jumping around so much?"
Kirstie Gannaway
Nedjma Hónapja
Oh god I hate plank jumps, burpees and all. I always feel like I'm gonna throw up my lungs 😩
Nedjma Hónapja
@mmpj twod ❤️
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Hónapja
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Hónapja
I’m not the only one doing this during my periods, right?
Elsa Metso
Elsa Metso Hónapja
Anyone else hate how the HIIT days never align with your hair washing schedule?
Nicole Moore
Nicole Moore 7 napja
I was honestly wondering if that was just me. Glad it isn't.
Katherine Pierce
Oh my gosh yes
Rema Samhitha
Rema Samhitha 21 napja
Lmao yessss
Karla Rodriguez
Karla Rodriguez 23 napja
Right but today it did lol
Ayushi Shukla
Ayushi Shukla 28 napja
I know
Jeehyong kim
Jeehyong kim Hónapja
Where are the intervals...
Lulan Hónapja
I got to admit, the music makes me do this everyday🥰
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Hónapja
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Hónapja
Pam, u r killa.....but i love you!
neeeoder Hónapja
Ich lese Standing Abs und denke "cool was entspanntes" :O
jennily Hónapja
ich hatte auch Hoffnung :( :D
Rock girl
Rock girl Hónapja
I feel like the hardest of Pam's workouts are the pink ones and the "short" ones... This one is PINK AND SHORT 🤯
boddyJ11 Hónapja
Come to Christ the one who loves and is gracious
@bilinas mini Then Keep on doing it girl;)
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Hónapja
Somehow, I hate the Jason workout, yet I love this one
Vengan a Cristo el que ama y es lleno de gracia
Linda Möckl
Linda Möckl Hónapja
I always get scared when i see this workout in the plan
Rock girl
Rock girl Hónapja
Lauren Hónapja
How was this only 8 minutes
lilli antonia
lilli antonia Hónapja
alternative name: 8mins of plank jumps and high knees
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Hónapja
RoyaleCreation Hónapja
This was easier than expected- also is this safe for children to do? My 12 year old sister would like to do these exercises
The Doggo Life
The Doggo Life Hónapja
I would say it’s probably fine, just make sure she’s drinking water and taking breaks when she needs them.
Ayşenur Budak
Ayşenur Budak Hónapja
Türk yok mu lan???
Rinay Ngidi
Rinay Ngidi Hónapja
I stopped at 5:30 minutes and I was like wtf is this Then I remembered girll if you want your body goals you gotta work for it.💀
Yue Wu
Yue Wu Hónapja
hell of jumping
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Hónapja
Martina Rossetti
the longest 8 minutes in my entire life
Alina Mets
Alina Mets Hónapja
Pam, u r killa.....but i love you!
Fee lie
Fee lie Hónapja
ANISH Hónapja
Sugar_ Dreams
Sugar_ Dreams Hónapja
Somehow, I hate the Jason workout, yet I love this one