15 MIN THIGH WORKOUT - LOW IMPACT, only on the floor, no squats, knee friendly / Booty Band + Book 

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a "knee friendly" Thigh Workout without any standard exercises (squats, lunges, ..). We only stay on the floor! If you have bad joints or suffer from knee pain - this workout could be nice for you! ♥︎ Werbung

Don't be fooled: it looks easy, it starts easy... and suddenly the end is so hard :D :D I was FAILING! Watch closely, the book slipped down haha.

Our new piece of equipment: a BOOK.
We for sure all have that at home, right? Fans are more than welcome to use my cookbook for this haha :)
The book forces us to push our knees together, which has the nice benefit of training the INNER THIGHS. To make sure it doesn’t slip, you need to hold the tension non stop. That burrrrns! And your inner thighs will thank you for it.


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▸ You can always find ALL SONGS in my workout playlist. I update it weekly \u0026 it's available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. ♥︎

1. Hamzaa feat. Miraa May - In Between 0:00 - 2:32
2. Bebe Rexha - Die For A Man (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) 2:33 - 5:10
3. Melonia - Sweet Child O Mine 5:11 - 7:59
4. Majid Jordan - Waves Of Blue 8:00 - 11:16
5. Alec Benjamin - The Way You Felt 11:17 - 13:47
6. Malou - Focus 13:48 - 15:46


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unterstützt durch Warner Music Germany

When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.



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oliviaaa 13 órája
can someone explain to me how this is a low impact i'm literally dying but I love the pain
Terra Lim
Terra Lim 18 órája
im so glad i chose a medium sized book instead of a thin and small one if not i'd have played myself
Laia Domínguez Porcuna
Does anyone know what the fat accumulated on the outer thigh is called, which gives a round shape to the legs ???
Emily Farmer
*pam starts doing the move at **5:35* Me: HOW IS SHE DOING THAT?!??
andrea matthews
Wow, that was amazing. Thank you. I was able to do al OST all of it with a fractured foot. Just what I needed
Georgina Said
Absolutely amazing xxx
Kriti Sharma
Kriti Sharma 2 napja
Did anyone saw results?
Emanuely Löffler
At some point I just wanted to give up and cry
Wonder Alice
Wonder Alice 2 napja
If you didn’t notice pams book falling down, you were super focused on the exercise, congrats Or you just couldn’t see because of the tears
Zaineb Mahjoubi
It has been more than a year (March 2020). And Pam is not just enjoyable pain... she's laterally therapy
Christina Teuma
My mum: You bought a Math book for 30 euros and you didn't touch it once Me: Um... not exactly
Kajik Dobby
Kajik Dobby 2 napja
My legs were totally shaking in the end
Sofia Latham
Sofia Latham 2 napja
Who else read their book while doing the workout?
es 2 napja
Shronn Tay
Shronn Tay 2 napja
Today, I realised that she's a monster. How can she still be smiling at the 3rd consecutive workout on the same leg? T_T
Little sunny bunny
How can she be so relaxed in her face??? I have pain all over mine!😆😆😆
lilcutwrist 2 napja
1. lift, butt on floor 2. pulses 3. tap to upper leg 4. lower leg slide 5. hold 6. clamshell + botty band 7. 5 pulses, 1 normal 8. lift, left 9. pulses, left 10. hold + kickback 11. lift, half plank 12. circle, half plank 13. lift, butt on floor 14. pulses 15. tap to upper leg 16. lower leg slide 17. hold 18. clamshell + botty band 19. 5 pulses, 1 normal 20. lift, right 21. pulses, right 22. hold + kickback 23. lift, half plank 24. circle, half plank 25. glute bridge + book 26. glute bridge pulses 27. feet far away - bridges 28. far away - pulses 29. close to butt - pulses 30. squeze it WELL DONE!!!
Selin Gez
Selin Gez 3 napja
bei Pamela LOW IMPACT ist bei anderen Trainern = HARDCORE SWEAT + BURN :D
H O 4 napja
шакал/ гиена
Блять как же сложно!!!
Marcella Dick
Marcella Dick 7 napja
So yeah instead of the book I just used my stuffed chimmy. Army!!!!!
Lera Er
Lera Er 7 napja
*me vibing to die for a man while dying for hot girl summer body* 💅🏻💅🏻
kulabako parcy
i already feel high ,this is good
Nursena Özkan
İf i do this workout everyday, is it make me bulky?
Maryam Turkie
Maryam Turkie 8 napja
Im always scared from this vid everytime she puts it in the schedule
Shawnay Warren
My legs and thighs were on fire from this workout.🔥
Dua Rajpoot
Dua Rajpoot 8 napja
If this is low impact Then I'll be dead before finishing it😂😂😂 can't handle high impact
Xenia Scholz
Xenia Scholz 8 napja
Definitiv kein beginner workout!!😅
Hümeyra Tekin
sana mı aşık olsam manzaraya mı
Diana Matthies
Knie zusammen pressen und Pobacken zusammenpressen bei mir anatomisch unmöglich! 🤔
C S 9 napja
Mein Booty Band verdreht sich immer 😬 hat jemand einen Tipp für ein Gutes? 😊
vyvienn 9 napja
Ouchy, ouch, ouch. Pam, you're the only person who makes me look forward to sweating, cursing and feeling like an idiot when I can't do a move. I do all those regularly and still come back for more!
Sarah Helmer
Sarah Helmer 9 napja
i'm sooooo proud did it the first time without break :D
Lena Bing
Lena Bing 9 napja
How many calories do you burn?
Waad Nai
Waad Nai 9 napja
My butt took this personally
Mariq Pendova
Mariq Pendova 9 napja
Really good choice of the last song FOCUS ON THAT BOOTY and my book felt... obviously 😆😆😆
Fitness Nerd
Fitness Nerd 10 napja
I felt this more in my booty bc it’s at the end of booty day 😅🔥
Joanne Chong Yi Jie
Just got paralyzed in doing this workout .🤣🤣
Judith van de Kerkhof
Not my youtube lagging precisely during the bridges
Sophiejajaja 11 napja
I’m not at home and only brought my homework with me when I started this workout, so I used my math book for the last exercises. Not completely sure what to think of that😅🥴
Sevval Naz
Sevval Naz 12 napja
Her şey karıştı şimdi neresi sağ neresi sol ben az önce ne tarafı yaptım? Neyse yaptık işte :D
Jonina Müller
Jonina Müller 12 napja
Au !
Felicity Smoak
Felicity Smoak 12 napja
I think she had lost all the feeling of pain 😂 she looks so happy while doing this tough workouts and I look like am possessed by an evil
chaitali gaikwad
Longest fifteen minutes of my life 😧😧
Tiko Gigauri
Tiko Gigauri 13 napja
My both legs were literally detached from my body 😅
MuEn Cheng
MuEn Cheng 13 napja
First workout: this is easy man! the very next second: Who! Literally who said that it is easy!!
Edanur Kapaklıkaya
ok but why are my boobies sweaty after this
Edanur Kapaklıkaya
and people are using RESISTANCE BANDS?
Jungle Queen
Jungle Queen 14 napja
tough one! thanks
14 napja
Pam do you have Netflix series film or no if you have you should watch twogether movie
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 14 napja
I don’t know about y’all but I was just singing along to the Guns N’ Roses sweet child o mine 😃
liza neva
liza neva 14 napja
I did the first 2 Minutes, it burns
Die Grundschulmaus
Du bist für deine Beine wirklich zu beneiden. 😍 Machst du dann nur Workouts ohne Geräte oder gehst du noch regelmäßig ins Fitnessstudio?
Anna Schuster
Anna Schuster 15 napja
i am so proud that my book didnt fall down in the end hahaha first time i finished that without the book on the floor😂😂❤❤
Marianne Bédard
I always find this workout sooo hard but I'm really proud of myself once it's done. You've got this everyone!
It ́s Sami
It ́s Sami 15 napja
I need a beginner beginner video of this..😂
S.s 15 napja
Who’s here after todays workout 😩
Tatjana Rieck
Tatjana Rieck 15 napja
Am I the only Person who can do all sorts of planks but no half plank? My body just don't want to do it. 😭😂
Aakriti Labra
Aakriti Labra 15 napja
Is it normal to have lower back ache during glute bridge workout ?
Щербак Марія
OMG these exercises with the book really BURN my inner thigh! Thank you so much for them!
Nadino Saurier
Nadino Saurier 15 napja
The inner thigh parts are hurtful on my hip bones, the side on the mat. How can I change my position so it does not, or is this just the way it is :(
ellie o
ellie o 15 napja
try adjusting so that you sit more on that side of your booty rather than on your hip bone, but make sure if you do this that you keep the side of your foot (on the leg doing the movement) pointing towards the ceiling so that it still works the right muscles.
Jana S.
Jana S. 15 napja
No way of doing it..my legs hurt so much while lying on them..no way to concentrate on workout.. :(
Sofia Stella
Sofia Stella 16 napja
Finally a workout that really make you feel the burn in the inner thigs💪😘
Cosmin enache
Cosmin enache 16 napja
,,beginner" she said. 🥺
elena carriere
elena carriere 16 napja
she was laughing while i am CRYING
cumhur dagli
cumhur dagli 17 napja
You're just so cool
Isha Gomai
Isha Gomai 17 napja
Once you try this without shoes you wouldn't want to wear them again. Damn my shoes are heavy!
Speculoose 17 napja
Best workout ever
Bloody josie
Bloody josie 18 napja
Y’all do the freaking workout or stfu don’t cry in the comments nobody is forcing u to do it
Pepsi 16 napja
Calm down 🤩
VERO 19 napja
This is not actually low impact
Pretty rude it‘s not friday yet
Clamshell? More like Crampshell.
am 20 napja
does anyone know what shoe model is that??
Khatuna Rusieshvili
Playlist is so nice
Priya Gorain
Priya Gorain 21 napja
I’m sorry, but in which universe is this LOW IMPACT. My sweat is mixed with my tears right now. 🥲
jojolofoploco 21 napja
I love the playlist in this workout
Flavia Fröhlich
I needed to imagine to hip thrust for my boyfriend in order to finish this one...
Kezia Vessalius
Kezia Vessalius 21 napja
Idk how i feel about this workout after the new 10 min sexy legs. Definitely not low impact. I also curse you 2 mins into the workout and i am so sorry for that.
love videos creator love
Pamela I love you 😭
Nadja Machmer
Nadja Machmer 22 napja
Super gutes lustiges Training und auch mal ein paar andere Bein - Muskeln als sonst! Sehr schön, auch optisch und die Musik ist ulkig 🧚🏻‍♀️🌸
Alina Sophie
Alina Sophie 22 napja
Ok, so am I the only one whose bones on the outer side of the thighs hurt as hell when lying on the side while trying to push the lower leg upward? (so the first few exercises) I don't know if I#m doing sth wrong, but if so, has anyone maybe some tips for me? My muscles REALLY want to do these excercises but my bones simply fail because of the pressure or whatever. Only with a huge pillow it's somehow manageable, but I don't think that's how I am supposed to do it.
emsa 22 napja
By the end, my knees feel like two south poles of a magnet😂
Karen Nicolas
Karen Nicolas 22 napja
me when i heard uzi 🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾
Airida Janauskaitė
Are her thights made of steel??? First time during workout start seriouslly cry... 😂
leo' 22 napja
same HAHAH her workouts make me cry
sayori hh
sayori hh 22 napja
I had the feeling my leg wasn´t part of my body anymore...
Elina Karhunen
Elina Karhunen 22 napja
anyone else doing the 45min workout plan for week 22? lol
Psychodoll 22 napja
Sweet child o’ mine in this version gives me nightmares ahah i have to turn off the audio in that part😝😝
Jasmin Sakar
Jasmin Sakar 22 napja
Does someone know what her shoes are called?
BassMT 22 napja
Yeah, sex is cool... but have you ever done this without any breaks. Pamela is f*cking me better than my bf.
María René
María René 22 napja
I can’t move my thighs but it’s okay
A k
A k 22 napja
I wish my legs would be as supportive as pamela
Cristina Vică
Cristina Vică 22 napja
and thats low impact? :)
yvonne pang
yvonne pang 22 napja
Yeah, the title low impact can't hide the fact that my butt is burning
saumya sahu
saumya sahu 23 napja
So you have chosen death^_^
Health & Fitness Expert
VERY NICEEE VIDEO HERE!!! I Like It!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Hadas Italki
Hadas Italki 23 napja
Thank you Pamela!!! 💕💪
Zhansaya Yeskabylova
Amazing I just started💪 amazing Job Pamela thank you😘
Linda Pasman
Linda Pasman 24 napja
Noch jemand hier dem das seitliche liegen mega an der Hüfte weh tut?
Julls Gt
Julls Gt 24 napja
Damn! What a wonderful place😮😮
یمنا اسدی
Thank youuuu Pamela😍💗
Tori Thompson
Tori Thompson 26 napja
Thank you, Pam for hard workouts like this!! I don't always want to do them mentally but my body thanks you physically ❤️ you are a blessing
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Megtekintés 48 E
Megduplázott lóerők
Megtekintés 48 E
Awkward moment! 😳😅 #prank
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