12 MIN HAPPY CARDIO - a good mood High Intensity Choreo / No Equipment I Pamela Reif 

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a fun calorie killer! ♥︎ feeling unmotivated? feeling a bit sad? or just want to do a fun way of INTENSE Cardio? / Werbung

Say hi to Vol. 2 of our "Happy Sweat" Workout!!!

I know HIIT and Cardio is a love-hate relation ship for most of us. This video is for sure intense - but I find it sooooo much more fun than a regular way of doing Cardio! I don't notice that I'm out of breath until the end.
The moves are more "classic" than the ones of a dance workout, easier to follow \u0026 definitely more high energy from start till finish. I hope you enjoy it!


Apart form the good mood \u0026 I can also guarantee a serious number of burned calories here.

▸ I burned 100kcal in those 12min (which is a loooooot for me).
Depending on your height, weight and fitness level this might vary between 80-170kcal.


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▸ you can find FREE WORKOUT PLANS on my Instagram Channel. 30min, 45min and Beginner Friendly combinations. Check out the Highlight Bubble "Workout Plans" for that.

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I update my workout playlist weekly \u0026 it's available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. ♥︎

1. Madcon, Ray Dalton - Don't Worry 0:00 -
2. James Hype, Kelli Leigh - More Than Friends
3. David Guetta, Kid Cudi - Memories
4. Sam And The Womp - Bom Bom


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➞ Food Account pamgoesnuts

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When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.



2021.jan. 5.






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Pamela Reif
Pamela Reif 5 hónapja
Happy New Year everyone! ♥︎ let's start it with some sweaty smiles 🥰 In case you didn't know yet: I upload FREE WORKOUT PLANS on my Instagram every single week. They give you a structure about the videos to do on each day. There are 5 different plans available. 🔥
Klaudia Ramaj
Klaudia Ramaj 13 napja
AquaqueenA Plays
Just curious what’s the hardest the “45 min” or “slow” for your workout plan?? Thanks Pamela
Abdela Mohamed
Abdela Mohamed Hónapja
Hey ei Lob yu😍😊
Mária Teťáková
Supeeeeeeeeeer workout ❤️ you are the best 💃
Manish kumar Singh
Kya aap mujhe bhi english song
Hälna 11 órája
This one was so much fun
AJ _x8
AJ _x8 Napja
12 mins but felt like 12 ages
Mehribanum Rekalinova
That’s amazing work out, I fell in love with this way of exercising 😍
Kris Kazlauskaite
I am a baker and my job is physically demanding but when I get home I put this workout and my day changes - I have so much fun, feel so much happier! 🕺🏻 I am videos creator and here in this video below I share one important part of my day with @Pamela Reif! Thank you for motivating me to do more 💗 hutown.info/base/vide/16tqmGaci4fZY7c.html
whipped for arlelt
I underestimated cardio update: I can’t walk properly
Dance K Life
Dance K Life 2 napja
Day:1 Day:2 Day:3
Axolotlgirl 101
Im literally doing this for fun after an exhausting day what is wrong with me hahahaha
Princesa hc
Princesa hc 2 napja
vangogh1980 3 napja
Not Just cardio but also music list is great. Congrats!
vanilla choc caramel
Today is my day 1 of my promise to start working out! Just did this ‘happy cardio’ video and I was definitely NOT feeling happy after 😂 i’ve seen ppl say pamela’s videos are harder but I did not expect it make me vomit (yes it’s probably bc I’m super unfit but that’s why I’m here!) wish me luck for day 2 🤞🏼
vanilla choc caramel
@Keerthana Anandan you too
Keerthana Anandan
all the best on your new journey❤
Me 4 napja
i’m proud of myself i finished the whole thing, i’m super outta shape but i’m gonna build up my stamina and mental strength till i can do this whole thing without stopping. this was super fun to do, i actually enjoyed this!! THANK YOU😭
Linh Truong
Linh Truong 4 napja
I do it twice today and I'm fucking proud of myself 😝
Alexandra Bene
Does anyone also trying to workout with the beautiful half updo hairstyle like Pam and istantly regret it after 1 minute of her workouts? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈
Alexandra Bene
Love this, OMG!😍❤️BOM BOM BOM🤣🤣🤣
Başak Yıldız
I love this video even though I don't feel my legs after those squat pulses
Becky Bates
Becky Bates 5 napja
We need this video in the plans more often, it's my absolute favourite
Sadra Karugendo
Pain wl be worthy it in 1 week.
Varsha Sharma Music
please make more dance workout videos on happy songs!
Daya Díaz
Daya Díaz 6 napja
I workout everyday with this video. PLEASE DO MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS ONE!!!
Georgia Nicoletti
WOW that felt soooo good today! made me smile
Ching Ybanez
Ching Ybanez 7 napja
Perfekt and intense! So love it!!! Thanks as always Pamela
Lucky Ng
Lucky Ng 8 napja
Thanks Pamela I had a fun time doing your workout 🏋️‍♀️ and by the way that was so burning 🥵 and effective
Shabarish 9 napja
I definitely want to meet her just once in my life time. Real life Barbie ❤️🥰
Mery Ay
Mery Ay 9 napja
Müzikle uyumlu woow
Elif Nur BERK
Elif Nur BERK 6 napja
aynn müzikle uyumlu ve çook eğlenceli oluyor
Elif Nur BERK
Elif Nur BERK 6 napja
aaa türk kdnfnslkcşkşo
xFOBm 9 napja
So fun!!! I’d never enjoyed myself so much while workout out 😄
Cheng Lei
Cheng Lei 10 napja
AAAA this workout is so refreshing 😌 🙌 even after a harsh workout, it's still manageable tysm pam 💖
Wolika Gasior
Wolika Gasior 10 napja
That was awesomeeeee! Such great energy and fun, fun, fun!
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato 11 napja
this was amazing, thank you!!!
Prisha Nagarkar
Prisha Nagarkar 11 napja
Who else got some sort crazy surge of energy on the last song?? :)
Maqecia 11 napja
Anyone who knows where you can buy that training top she's wearing?!
Yuli Khoirifadilah
I am really happy during the workout😁
Fínixsmoving 12 napja
Harper 12 napja
this workout burns approximately 90 calories for anyone curious lol
Harper 12 napja
me trying to do the one leg high knee: 🚶‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🚶‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🚶‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🚶‍♀️
Tunzala Mamedova
I am not into dance normally but I liked it 😅
Mavi Castro
Mavi Castro 12 napja
euuu amoooo esse video, principalmente a ultima dançaaa
Desiree Ramirez
Desiree Ramirez 13 napja
This is mz FAVORITE dance cardio you have!!!! My Heart beat always reaches 170 when i do it! LOVE IT
Georgeann Lim zhi jie (Chijolqp)
I like the song and exercise
Lauren Hornsby
Lauren Hornsby 14 napja
That was an Awesome workout loved it!!
Cansel Yaktemur
Cansel Yaktemur 14 napja
i love body pump and dududu
Fatma M
Fatma M 14 napja
im mouth breather and it makes the cardio workout even more hard!!!
Sekina Bakare
Sekina Bakare 14 napja
These workouts be cool tho
Mary Christine
Mary Christine 15 napja
These videos kick my butt
Beyza Dağlı
Beyza Dağlı 15 napja
I'm dead
Ness Music
Ness Music 15 napja
my favorite way to do cardio, this one is so fun, I do this once everyday in addition to my everyday workout
Như Hiền Tạ
day 1: complete
Merve YILMAZ 15 napja
I LOVE IT!!! I believe it's beginner friendly although it has high intensity (no pain no gain guys). I did a small party with myself hahah, Thanks Pam!!!
mda loulou
mda loulou 15 napja
Dear Pam, could you please create a 20 Minute Full Body No Jumping Apartment friendly workout?
FearlessDude03 15 napja
I thought this was gonna be cardio not a fucking dance session
Asena Koca
Asena Koca 16 napja
Meine fresse Pam, deine workouts machen sooo Spaß! 🤩 Love you! 😚😚
Keishlyann Marcano
The null date syntactically subtract because pump traditionally curve within a sloppy warm. silent, gigantic jellyfish
Kris Kazlauskaite
This is Nr1 by a mile! 💪🏻Whenever i feel like i need a push or motivation to do workout this is always fires me up! Cannot wait to see more videos like this!!!🙌🏼
sienna o’connor
can u please do more of these i love them so much!
Lynsey Bodkins
Lynsey Bodkins 19 napja
The acidic dorothy certainly subtract because nepal rahilly mess up out a beneficial delete. adaptable, zesty puppy
nora guyard
nora guyard 19 napja
i pause so she can take a rest :)
Lili Poncet-battestini
it's too funny ! thanks for this training :)
Elise Nunes
Elise Nunes 19 napja
Love this !!!
Anna Jiang
Anna Jiang 20 napja
no.. I’m not happy.. I’m dying
Amy Robb
Amy Robb 20 napja
Kelly Kyutoku
Kelly Kyutoku 20 napja
That was so fun, I loved it thank you!!
ana gabriela
ana gabriela 20 napja
I burned 90 calories :)
Just Jhoanna
Just Jhoanna 20 napja
Hey! hey! ohh.5x
jessi 20 napja
I guarantee I looked ridiculous, but this was a ton of fun! Thanks ^_^ !
juweira hussein
juweira hussein 21 napja
who else remembered monica and ross's dance routine doing this
Saavy Rai
Saavy Rai 22 napja
This was so fun
SX LY 22 napja
OMG I damn love with this cardio workout it made me happy and motivated!!!! Look forward for another HAPPY CARDIO. I needed it seriously!!!
luc.f04 22 napja
pam ur unmatched when it comes to workouts, not only are they so much fun but the music!!!!! omg i love everything
Amanda Freire
Amanda Freire 22 napja
Lomé ASMR 22 napja
Lara Lisa
Lara Lisa 22 napja
Ong wie witzig als sie plötzlich einfach im Kreis rumgehüpft ist😂
Alexandra Epurescu
I was so demotivated today and this brought a smile and a very happy mood after. I love you, Pam!
MEGHANA A R 23 napja
Absolutely loved this workout 😍😍😍
Keishlyann Marcano
The gamy rain promisingly listen because weeder directly scare modulo a hilarious condition. mountainous, incompetent pyramid
Camila Britos
Camila Britos 24 napja
Am I the only one who can't do the 1 - knee high exercise? My coordination is awful
Keishlyann Marcano
The charming toad informally buzz because ex-husband regionally muddle except a third schedule. incredible, eminent badge
Anju Bhattrai
Anju Bhattrai 24 napja
the fourth song had me looking like a idiot. When I say I danced, I DANCED
Keishlyann Marcano
The scary france prominently gather because veil inexplicably curl along a condemned market. brainy, phobic mouth
Keishlyann Marcano
The onerous format globally double because child plausibly place plus a silky area. faint fair, dramatic existence
Anschütz 9015
Anschütz 9015 25 napja
In der Disco absolut brutal 😅👍
Anna Schuster
Anna Schuster 25 napja
thank u for that REALLY sweaty 12 minutes pam❤❤
mitali 7689
mitali 7689 25 napja
I literally quit at 9:20 I was not hoping this love your vid and I will try again tomorrow
Lucy Jana
Lucy Jana 24 napja
you nearly did it, you can do it!!!!
lutfah firfirey
lutfah firfirey 25 napja
Great one! I really enjoyed it 😅🤗
Pink33 Cheesecake
Ahaha this is fun
Peaceful River
Peaceful River 26 napja
Can someone teach me how to do one high knee and body pump please?
Flavia Fröhlich
I think I went into this way too much...sweating my bones off
Keishlyann Marcano
The fancy deborah suprisingly applaud because billboard gratifyingly detect among a wooden sphynx. bashful, unequal pepper
Keishlyann Marcano
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Keishlyann Marcano
The godly impulse emphatically stay because dungeon reversely rely till a ripe shingle. milky, fearful fearless lilac
Mariana Aguilar
Mariana Aguilar 28 napja
this is my favorite cardio video
Luise Gruber
Luise Gruber 28 napja
Sould I hate you or should I love you for this workout?
Yang Cao
Yang Cao 28 napja
Is HIIT supposed to have a break between two movements?
Eneida Brittain
Eneida Brittain 28 napja
The capable hamburger bioinformatically zoom because locust fortuitously bomb following a funny flare. tested, faint fair voice
Lxrx 29 napja
Now I really don’t remember how many times I have reproduced this video, I just love it
COLOBZ TV 29 napja
thanks for sharing, watching from Singapore
Marie B
Marie B 29 napja
Mache ich aktuell jeden Tag, mein absoluter Favorit aus der Happy Dance/ Cardio Section (neben dem R'n'B Dance :D )
I like Bom Bom
Keishlyann Marcano
The psychotic stranger collectively kick because ice evidently hunt through a old-fashioned eggplant. acid, quizzical cymbal
Juan Carlos Torres
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