10 MIN UPPER BODY WORKOUT + Booty Band / Back, Arms & Chest I Pamela Reif 

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This little piece of equipment is no joke ♥︎ if it can make our booty sexy, it can also do its magic for our upper body! / Werbung

I am super duper extra excited about this routine… because we have never done something like this before!!
▸ INSANE for muscle activation. You will feel all the different parts of your upper body working!
▸ You can decrease intensity by dropping the Booty Band and doing it with an imaginary one :D
▸ You can increase intensity by using a stronger Booty Band or 2 at once.
▸ Nice to combine with gym sessions! Do it as an activation in the beginning of your weight session. Makes such a difference once you grab heavy weights.
▸ This workout is also HIGHLY suitable for men! Ask your partner, brother or dad to join. They might laugh in the beginning… but they will quit laughing soon :D

🚨 NO BAND? Grab some water bottles. Will train the muscles differently, but still super efficient!! It's gonna burn for sure.

🥰 And don't worry: a band or water bottles won't give you bulky and huge muscles. Rather some toned and defined ones.


The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s for each exercise.

▸ you can find FREE WORKOUT PLANS on my Instagram Channel. 30min, 45min and Beginner Friendly combinations. Check out the Highlight Bubble "Workout Plans" for that.
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▸ You can always find ALL SONGS in my workout playlist. I update it weekly \u0026 it's available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. ♥︎

1. A7S - Nirvana
2. DHALI - Insane
3. Bluckther - Your Body
4. Drew Sycamore - Jungle

unterstützt durch Warner Music Germany

When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.



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Pamela Reif
Pamela Reif 14 napja
🚨 NO BAND? Grab some water bottles. Will train the muscles differently, but still super efficient!! It's gonna burn for sure. 🥰 have fun feeling strong!!
Carol Silva
Thank you for training us ❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗💗💯💯💯💯
Qiran Z
Qiran Z 7 napja
It will be even better if you can draw an arrow or tell us in the video in what direction our arms should move, or finger pointing the muscles parts we should use in some exercise :)
Little Shop Of Horrors
Carmencita Liwag
Her body looks like ariana grande💖💙💛
Isabella Oliveira
I did without a band and without water bottles, and it still burned
Binita Singh
Binita Singh 2 órája
Please make workouts of legs and abs using booty band.. please.!!
Bleep Blop
Bleep Blop Napja
....Oh.. This must be the advanced version. I almost died😭😭😭😂
Bea Richer
Bea Richer Napja
When you don't have any booty band, so you use weights instead !
Haripriya Saravanan
it gets better fo sho guys, I didn't want to cut off my hands today!!!!!!!! keep going
Sharifah Fatini
is it just me or im doing some of the exercises wrong? cuz i feel like my elbows flaring up if that makes sense 🥺
lil egg
lil egg Napja
that burnnn! Oof, yes Pam! That’s what we want!
EscJesc Austeya
Love how she puts some rarer exercises in this workout, especially the triceps extension was sth I have never done before :D also, despite being hard, it felt very fast somehow
آسيا خياط
my second time doing it .. I love it now :)
Zahraa Parson
Zahraa Parson 2 napja
I am one of those who follow you in sports, you are good and your exercises are beautiful, I love you very much, I am from Saudi Arabia🇸🇦
itz your gurl islaaaa
These workouts are great and i litarally love your hair so much!
Jessica Ivonne
Easy but nice!
Cynthia Holmes
Finally found a new workout to do this week 👍☺️🤗🙂
Jasmin S
Jasmin S 3 napja
love it!
Silvana Arredondo
Anna Martin
Anna Martin 3 napja
I loved it! I want more of these!
S Sak
S Sak 3 napja
the length of the video 11:11 🥰
Eva zoppi
Eva zoppi 4 napja
Merci ma Pam pour cette vidéo ! Grâce je vais pouvoir avoir des bras de montagnards ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
socrates112 4 napja
Awesome workout. I bought some of these bands, and now I am sore. :S I never thought they would have this much potential.
prachi malpani
Is this suitable for armpits fat and heavy shoulders? Which workout would you recommend to reduce those? (Including heavy chest?
Flavie Bearchat
Flavie Bearchat 8 órája
Probably back workout. I think this one might also be efficient. She also has a boob lifting workout !
Binnaha Bharath
im aspired to be like you one day pam...
Tú Hoàng
Tú Hoàng 5 napja
Could you put Nirvana in more HIIT workout pleaseee? It makes my energy boosted
Nhel Somera
Nhel Somera 6 napja
new fave upper body workout. my arms are shaking😩🖤
Ayesha Ishaq
Ayesha Ishaq 6 napja
Favourite workout ❤❤
Cs Scott
Cs Scott 6 napja
10:23 😂😂😂😂 a little booty shake
Manuela R.
Manuela R. 6 napja
I hope I am not the only one that can't do a push up? 🥺😭 My arms said ✨ no ✨
Lotta Dwi
Lotta Dwi 6 napja
Mein neues Lieblingsworkout😍
Demi Lynn
Demi Lynn 6 napja
Pamela: This is a 10 min upper body workout. My glutes: we are on fire!
Anastasia Wink
love ALL your workouts!
Annila La
Annila La 7 napja
Wooow this Video is great!
Evelyn Lovas
Evelyn Lovas 7 napja
how does she do shoulder push-ups so easily?
Anna O'Gureck
Anna O'Gureck 7 napja
that awkward moment when your band snaps -_-
Ángeles MIb
Ángeles MIb 7 napja
this looks strong asf
Deepakshi Varma
my arms are literalllyy shaking!!!!, I can't believe this type of pain existed pam
Paolah Gaytán Dávila
Next video abs + band!
Ri 8 napja
thought this is gonna be easy, but then she humbled me once again
blue berry
blue berry 8 napja
I MUST be doing something wrong bc It was easy for me..
K B 8 napja
Nearly dropped myself on my head at shoulder push ups 💀
Slávka 8 napja
I'm not a beginner anymore, but when I tried doing the tricep extensions my body refused to move a single centimeter 😂 any suggestions on how to work up to this? please help
Dan Boone
Dan Boone 8 napja
Pamela is like the perfect woman, hot as fuck and doesn’t say shit 😂
Beatriz Castro
Gina Boicu
Gina Boicu 8 napja
Love it!!!
Malene Antonsen
u should make some small pauses in there so its able to get ready for the next exercise...
Jana Six
Jana Six 8 napja
It's been a while and this one was hard haha
Mounikeer 8 napja
guysssss if u dont have a resistance band or weights just grab a piece of stretchy clothing u no longer use.. it actually helped
Caro W.
Caro W. 8 napja
This was 🔥
Fotoun Bayan
Fotoun Bayan 8 napja
Ela Schudła
Ela Schudła 8 napja
We need more workouts like this, Pamela! ❤️
The Carlos Method Fitness TV
Awesome location to shoot at. Really nice upper body workout. Bex & Carlos x
Ζωη Μπλ
Ζωη Μπλ 8 napja
It felt soooo good!!! I did not expect that, like stretching with training! YAS WE WANT MORE LIKE THIS ONE
myrrhsense 8 napja
Any tips for someone who can't do push ups? I try, but my arms are just not strong enough. I just can't seem to push myself off the ground without using my core/back to pull me up😂😢
Mía Camila
Mía Camila 8 napja
You can do it standing in the wall
lilcutwrist 8 napja
1. row, left 2. row, right 3. lat pulldown 4. sitting row, right 5. sitting row, left 6. front lift + pulldown 7. shoulder push up 8. wide push up 9. commando 10. chest opener 11. lat pulldown 12. back pull, diagonal 13. front lift 14. close push up 15. triceps extensions 16. commando 17. biceps curl, right 18. slow mo bicipes curl 19. bicipes curl, left 20. slow mo bicipes curl 21. elbow plank WELL DONE!
I feel like Pamela sometimes looks over to the camera just to see if I am still doing the workout 🥵🤣
Bilalo :
Bilalo : 8 napja
Your (for me) the most beautiful woman in Germany
Kelli Garcia
Kelli Garcia 8 napja
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Iqra Qureshi
Iqra Qureshi 9 napja
My fav exercise- well done ⚡️⚡️⚡️
آسيا خياط
the blank at the end was like nothing :)
could you please post a slimmer waist hourglass body workout?
Dua Rajpoot
Dua Rajpoot 9 napja
The workout I needed with bands thanks for it💓💓
Vitória Moreira
Please, do more of those. I love it!!!
Scott Derek
Scott Derek 9 napja
Fiona 9 napja
Anleitung zu ungenau... mein booty band ist jetzt gerissen
Jolly Vlogs and Kitchen
Very good exercise you have told thank you so much
Luca Berankova
Hi can I ask? How many videos do you have on your channel?
Beth Stones
Beth Stones 9 napja
MY Funny Pet
MY Funny Pet 9 napja
Love it ,one of the best videos
Ajša Baltić
Ajša Baltić 9 napja
Make a video with gym equipment
Mira 1234
Mira 1234 9 napja
Das ist mein neues Lieblingsworkout für den Oberkörper :heart_eyes: kannst du vielleicht noch mehr booty band Videos machen, die auch nicht für den Booty sind :)
Dana Jamille Tolosa
Layanya 2001
Layanya 2001 10 napja
i need to reduce chest fat and size ....which workout i need to follow ?
Farrah Lipsham
Farrah Lipsham 10 napja
You need to be on the next WonderWoman movie!!!! omg my arrrrrrrms
Elena Poliackowa
Классная тренировка! 💥❤️Когда следующий раз?
Alright so can we get height increasing workout
熊王的 Happy Life
I love this! I'm doing it tomorrow
Mariam Ehab
Mariam Ehab 10 napja
Pamela I'll be going on a vacation for a month and I won't be able to keep up with the workout , what should I do because I'm so stressed about it
DraXas 8 napja
Don't forget its completely fine if you take a break for a month!! You can workout if you occasionally have a free time by yourself, you'll probably get a little weaker but once u start again it will come back, nothing to stress about :)
Beth Stones
Beth Stones 9 napja
Try do 1 10 minute workout a day (bar rest days) or one of Pam's shorter ones (i.e. 6 min abs) or try other fitness channels with shorter workouts (i.e. Holly dolke)
Maria R
Maria R 10 napja
Ciao dall' Italia faresti un video per Diastasis recti? No jumping grazie mille
sunflower 10 napja
Love this one. I've been doing PR videos for two weeks now and I feel great! Please make more apartment-friendly cardio videos please, don't wanna upset my neighbours🥺. Or can someone share some they'd recommend!
richard brooks
richard brooks 10 napja
I need to loose weight sometime
richard brooks
richard brooks 10 napja
How to get a body like yours
magda 10 napja
(notes for myself) 13/6/21: schmaeggiiiiii, first time doing this and i was VERY excited about this one bc i love upper body. sadly, i don't like the workout this much or more specifically i don't feel anything really. either i do the 10min upper body (older) next time or i use thiss one as a bburnout. xoxo
anishauzza 10 napja
Hey Pam I’ve been following you for two months and let me tell you I fell in love with your lifestyle and workouts. 😍😍 I just have one request, can you please do a Dance workout with Rihanna’s songs? Thanks in advance xx❤️❤️
Sam Fenty
Sam Fenty 10 napja
Yess pleaseeee
Sam Fenty
Sam Fenty 10 napja
Can you please do a dance workout to Rihanna songs? Pleaseeee
fuscia 10 napja
This is legit burner 💪🔥
Debra Morgan
Debra Morgan 10 napja
Plank has never been this easy...
Semoga kita semua di beri kesehatan ama tuhan yg maha esa amin.. sukses sllu yah kawan amin
L 11 napja
You're so creative love your workouts! Be happy and stay safe!❤️
Yoga With Bird
Yoga With Bird 11 napja
Saved! This is the perfect 10 minute routine 🙌❤️
Little Shop Of Horrors
*Yesssss ❤️👍*
Zahra Bayat
Zahra Bayat 11 napja
So creative how lovely u are 🌱🌱🌱🌱
Echt Danke, dass wichtigste weil der Video kurz war!!!
Debora Romano
Debora Romano 11 napja
for me this is the best way to train the arms and the upper part, I love it !!! thanks for your motivation ❤️
Eve 11 napja
You are truly amazing, you have helped sooo many people including me, thank you once again
Eve 11 napja
Queen I love youuuu
bashayer awad
bashayer awad 11 napja
atina hsu
atina hsu 11 napja
Love this so much! Plz do more
Amin_hd 11 napja
Gabby Winfield
Gabby Winfield 11 napja
This is by far my favourite upper body workout, quick and simple
Rebecca Nausikaa Santandrea
Catherine 11 napja
Why I'm still tired over merely an upper body workout :D Btw the workout movement is so new love yr innovation in creating them
The True Cookie
The True Cookie 11 napja
What brand booty band do you use? I would like to get one, but don't know what brand to choose
runan 11 napja
Please make another ab one!