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train that stubborn lower part of your belly ♥︎ / Werbung

One of the most requested videos ever!
I never wanted to do it because most people advertise their videos like "LOSE LOWER BELLY FAT". But we (hopefully) all know: you won't burn only fat in this specific place by training it.

STILL: having strong lower abs is very beneficial. It keeps your core tight, prevents back pain, makes your belly look flatter because you can "hold it in" better and: if you lose that fat, you will also see your Ab Lines!

Please, please, please make sure:
▸ to keep your LOWER BACK FLAT ON THE MAT. This is essential for your health \u0026 essential for training your lower abs. If you don't keep it flat on the mat, you will not train your lower abs. Only move your legs downwards as far as possible (for example during a leg lift). If that means you only have a small range of motion: FINE. You will improve over time.
▸ you can lay your head on the mat, if that's more comfortable. This makes it ever harder for the lower abs! I tend to lift my head after some minutes, because I otherwise feel my lower back lifting off the mat.
▸ it's about the mind muscle connection! Think about your abs \u0026 lift and lower your legs with the strength of your abs, not your thighs.

Hope you enjoy this routine! It's short, hard \u0026 effective ♥︎


No Equipment necessary, no breaks (you're used to it by now I guess) and not much space needed :) If you need a break tho - take it! Just don't quit!

The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s for each exercise.
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▸ You can always find ALL SONGS in my workout playlist. I update it weekly \u0026 it's available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. ♥︎

1. David Guetta \u0026 MORTEN feat. Lanie Gardner - Dreams 0:00 - 3:16
2. Robin Schulz feat. KIDDO - All We Got (Ofenbach Remix) 3:17 - 5:21
3. VINAI feat. VAMERO - Rise Up 5:22 - 8:23
4. HUGEL - Can't Love Myself (feat. Mishaal \u0026 LPW) 8:24 - 10:40


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When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.









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Pamela Reif
Pamela Reif 6 hónapja
if you finished all 10min, you did ... SUPER WELL 😂 who noticed the tiny change?
Lana Tribolet
Can you please make a dance workout with the song "rise up" from this video? From the moment that song comes on my motivation gets a super boost! I can't get this idea out of my head
Anjana Sarkar
Anjana Sarkar 3 napja
I have done that workout. 😄😄 Thanks Pamela.
Meghan Hargaden
Loved the repetition of exercises in this video. More like these please!
Play HTA 121 GAMER-Kshitij Goel
what tiny change
Aissa Baker
Aissa Baker 12 órája
I’ve been doing this for a week now and a lot has changed
Anneke Bielefeld
Anneke Bielefeld 12 órája
Kann mir jemand sagen wie die Schuhe heißen?😍
euphara 13 órája
Before this workout, i looked at my stomach. But after the workout, there was a big change! I think that if you do this everyday for a month, you’ll get amazing results.
Kami J
Kami J 13 órája
Does ANYONE even know how to keep their back glued to the floor? cause my back ain't happy with that
Bishmita Das
did anyone realize that she pranked us by making us do the 1 leg pam knife which is actually very very similar to the starfish crunch??? such a cute name awww
Елизавета Малова
what is a solution for me if i can't keep my lower back on the floor ?
nat Napja
pam mind if i ask, how did u manage to keep ur neck there the whole time
Carla Adams
Ouch, but in a good way😄
Ilaria Nicolai
my neck: 💀
Meryem Napja
Day 1 : Done (im done too) Day 2 : Done (it burns sooo good)
張智傑 2 napja
謝謝教導 獲益良多🙂
lilcutwrist 2 napja
1. pelvic tilt + 1-knee lifts 2. pelvic tilt + knee lifts 3. crunch + leg lift 4. scissor kicks 5. pull over + toe touch 6. draw circles 7. 1-leg pull over 8. butterfly lift 9. butterfly kick outs 10. ab hold 11. squeeze it in 12. mountain climber + hold 13. bear hold 14. kick front + up 15. pull over + toe touch 16. 1-leg pam knife 17. ab hold 18. plank + lower ab crunch 19. plank + crunch hold 20. bear hold SUPER WELL DONE!!!
marmalade 2 napja
Woahhh this is one of the few lower ab workouts ive done that actually made ONLY my lower abs sore the next day this is incredible-
hemashree k
hemashree k 2 napja
imma do this for a week and keep y'all updated thru my process day 1 : goddamnit it was intense (i did take a few breaks) day 2 : i'm dead but i did it! day 3 : i am seeing slight different in my stomach area
Miami Beach
Miami Beach 16 órája
Keep going!
yes im a simp 4 inosuke
15 days challenge: 21.06.2021 weight: 57,7 waist: 71 lower belly: 88 hips: 93,5 day 1: 💅 day 2: 💅
Анастасия Глотова
Для тех кто из России. Тренировка отличная, пресс горит. Единственный минус - нет отдыха)
Nantiya S.
Nantiya S. 4 napja
Did I do it wrong if my back aches
Meghan Hargaden
Easily one of her most challenging and best ab workouts! Loved it!
cortez1803 4 napja
is it important to wear lipstick for this workout? Asking because i dont see any results yet, and im wondering what i am doing wrong...
marmalade 2 napja
whipped for arlelt
Can you do upper belly workout? AAHHHH it’s just harder for me to remove it than lower belly for unknown reasonnnn
Rookie mistakes- Errores de principiantes
Yay! I can finally do the whole routine non stop Love this work out!
Divya’s Garden
Love frm india
Payal Malhotra
What an attitude man!
Lana Knezevic
Lana Knezevic 6 napja
Okay so follow my process
claudia muigg
claudia muigg 6 napja
Love this sound..🥰🥰🥰
Jana 6 napja
Even if you're not religious... this video will make you pray
Andrea Rodriguez
I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks and I’m starting to see some definition on my abs 🤗 finally!
Donn Pass
Donn Pass 6 napja
Why you need make up when training? :D do you onow that your skin dont breath ...lol just looks funny
cara anges
cara anges 6 napja
The long icon focally smile because basketball literally curve per a special find. alive, savory deodorant
milibeauty 7 napja
Omg IT BURNS BUT the first time without a break after 6 times I think✨ I'm so proud of myself and of you all that also did this workout 10min! I'm done for today with the first day of the pam 30min workout plan☺️
Macee Kenya
Macee Kenya 7 napja
this was the best work out I have done in a while thank you !!
DoomedInHell 7 napja
Pamela's abs are fking insane
Varya Kern
Varya Kern 8 napja
watch me try to do this every day! day 1: i only did every other exercise because my abs weak af lol day 2: my abs hurt like HELL i did every other one but sometimes did more when the exercises weren't too hard day 3: i was praying to jesus every time i had to engage my core today and i'm not even religious. anyways i did two, rested for one and surprisingly felt less sore after working out! day 4: not as sore as yesterday, i'm noticing some ab definition when i'm not bloated! i did two and rested for one again, and found it easier than last time. day 5: way less sore, this time i did 3, rested for 1 (had a mini rest during the pam knifes though - those are killers) day 6: hardly sore at all. this time i paused the video and rested for 30sec every 3 exercises, so i was resting the same, but doing it for longer.
RANJIT KAR 8 napja
Guys let me tell you the truth I was already skinny when I was a kid and now too but my belly is just odd one out as its fat but now because of Pamela I got my slim flat belly back, guys her workouts are really effective must try.. 😇😇😇
Nuranə Ağayeva
Hot girl summer Hot girl summerrr PLEASE I need you PLEASE
nat 8 napja
ive done this workout for quite a long time n for some reasons it still manages to kill me every single time ideky
Qyunh Nhi
Qyunh Nhi 8 napja
well i literally wanna cry after the activation section in the middle. so i kinda skipped the abs hold bc i was like “ugh my back r going to break” 😂 im gonna comeback for more until i can finish the whole thing
Qyunh Nhi
Qyunh Nhi 8 napja
oh sorry my back is* im sweating so bad now huh
wolf mother
wolf mother 9 napja
How many of these workouts do you need to do in a day to make them effective?
DraXas 7 napja
Pamela has workout plans on her Instagram story so id suggest looking there!
Erasenoobs 9 napja
I’ve been doing this for over 5 months now
Mildred O
Mildred O 6 napja
Any changes?
Mathew Mugambi
Pam:after the work out 😘👄 Me:tell God I'm about to come,collapses on the mat🥵
Я одна тут русская?
sıla lalala
sıla lalala 10 napja
Gün 1✅ Gun2✅ Hala yapiyrm ✅
Muskan Mittal
Muskan Mittal 10 napja
Αρτα Τσεκο
What kind of witchcraft is THAT! OMG! I'm sweating non stop and you look like you were sitting under your air conditioner like tf! This is my first time ( I think 😅) that I'm doing your workouts and daaamn girl I feel that this is enough for the whole year 🤣😅
Day 1 ✅
Khoula Shahid
Khoula Shahid 11 napja
I have mainly fat on my lower belly so i hope this works😌😌😌😌
Jennifer Black
Jennifer Black 12 napja
She's just completely casually doing this workout like it's nothing to her... Meanwhile my fat ass.... just...dead....
Krissi Sophie
Krissi Sophie 12 napja
This just killed my abs
Pro 007
Pro 007 12 napja
у меня за одну тренировку 3 полосы на прессе появились
Camille Gay
Camille Gay 12 napja
i died its 30 degrees here
Braylo Allen-Stovall
Finished it without stopping my first time ever… no freaking joke it took everything I had in me… Pam you’re a 🐐 I’m taking notes
sadece ezgi
sadece ezgi 13 napja
this is the best video that i ever tried for my abs
Delfina Alvarez Parra
No ví ningún comentario en español 😭 pero si alguien habla español, puede decirme si estos ejercicios te hacen cuadrada? Porque leí que sacaba cintura y no quiero eso😭
mar 10 napja
según tengo entendido no pq no hace ejercicios de oblicuos, pero depende más de q busques vos misma q ejercicios te harian cuadrada, pq no para todos funcionan igual
Sahiba Sindhu
Sahiba Sindhu 14 napja
Pamela's circle be like{} my circle be like {. }
CraftingwithVictoria Crafting fun
Dang this workout burning on day one anyways I’ll update yall
happy life
happy life 15 napja
The song sucks put some real deep house or disco
Zeena Taylor
Zeena Taylor 15 napja
The way she just gets up and walks off at the end like a pro... Holy crap I gotta try this at the weekend
A Note For A Better Life E.M. Lopes
Thank u very much 😄🙌
Harini Praveen
Harini Praveen 16 napja
I felt soo hard to do all exercises but now i feel minor changes in my body
Maria Fernanda
Maria Fernanda 17 napja
Nobody: Literally nobody: My lower back: YEEEEEEEET
wissal Ladham
wissal Ladham 17 napja
How long we have to do these exercises to notice the difference??
Sonali Saxena
Sonali Saxena 18 napja
How much time will be taken to get flat stomach with abs when someone is medium shape of stomach ??
Manoel Nascimento
Stt: 05/06 Day 1 ✔ Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
Yijin Chen
Yijin Chen 19 napja
feel like throwing up...
Baacke Serenella
More ab workouts pleasssee
A P 20 napja
I have backache while doing the butterfly lift , Do you have any recommendations about the correct posture?
Aimée Galbraith
I saw the tiny change. Me: Strugling abit cuz I did this like 5 times already... Pamela: Not shaking at all and at the end does not even look a bit tired.
Aditi Aa
Aditi Aa 20 napja
Why her lie down workouts are difficult that her standing workouts 🤷
william 21 napja
ive been doing this for 3 days and still cant make it all the way thru without pausing😭
Bela Dutta
Bela Dutta 21 napja
Did this without any break. So proud 🥰
chewy lemon
chewy lemon 21 napja
i can already feels my abs while lying on my bed
Zahraa Aljebori
Zahraa Aljebori 21 napja
I think I died
Guillermo Caballero Collazos
Nooo aún me falta. Vamos que vamos.
B N 22 napja
Thankt you for this!!!
Ester Almeida
Ester Almeida 22 napja
Raflyn28 channel
Second day some of it a little bit hard for me maybe because my legs heavy that's why😁
Itzpurplepallet 22 napja
Omg thanks for existing
it's me
it's me 23 napja
is this for the abs or the neck because my neck's about to break
Shivaani Krish
Shivaani Krish 23 napja
Is it raining only for me or am I sweating?...
Judy Myers
Judy Myers 23 napja
My ex boyfriend cheated on me 6 months ago... I was bored as hell and felt soo depressed, but this corona time helped me to work on myself. Pamela motivated me to work hard, her videos are blessed with many tips and tricks that helped to eat clean as well. In the process I took diet from webiste called Dietarize to further improve my meal planning. I lost 36lbs in 6 months!!
Amelyah Renee
Get them girl. Hope your doing better
milibeauty 7 napja
I'm so proud of you! Yes pamela is soo motivating for me too. I'm doing the workout again for me to feel better and to get the body that I want again and she helps me very well
Don’t mind Me ;/
Good for you girl. Remember you are a baddie we don’t need any guy to make us happy we got Pamela. Your the girl he didn’t want and now your the girl he couldn’t have.
melloww 20 napja
@M P cause thats a bot. see how many likes they have
M P 20 napja
I've seen your comments sooo many times. In chloe ting's also
marije 23 napja
Want to make the 'kick front + up' harder? Do it without hands, you will definitely feel the burn.
Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma 24 napja
the longest 10 minute
Vicky Li
Vicky Li 24 napja
She reminds of Lydia from Teen Wolf lol
Theo Emilia
Theo Emilia 24 napja
pamelo, dragoste, ma bagi in spital!💪
Elise H
Elise H 24 napja
I love your workouts and your background music selection! Thank you Pamela! :D
Vicky Insomny
Vicky Insomny 24 napja
Uff..was difficult, if your abs musculs are not so steel as Pam's ones 💪😁 But there is a direction to work with and grow.
Ingeborg Es
Ingeborg Es 24 napja
I have been doing chloe thing for a long time i will try this now! Day 1: done! did almost everything whitout any breaks. day 2: done! I was tired but i did almost everything. took some breaks. day 3: slowly easier. Pain! Took breaks. *no workouts on fridays* day 4: done. took extra breaks. day 5: done. *no workout* day 6: done :) *no workout,had no time* *no workout on fridays* day 7: done. A week omg. btw i see results! (i do other workouts for ab aswell) my friends came to me at the beach and asked me if i had abs, they said i looked strong loool. day 8: done
Shivangi Bhalla
Keep going!!!! 🧡🧡🧡
Martina Bajzová
Hello from Slovakia! 😍
Ditsa Dutta
Ditsa Dutta 25 napja
Age: 16 Weight:66 kgs% Height 5'3 Day 1: ✅ Day 2:✅ Day 3:✅ Day 4:✅
Clary Fray
Clary Fray 25 napja
for some reason, my lower abs did not want to work today. But this video! Wow!
riyadh basir
riyadh basir 25 napja
i just finished this workout and im sweating like crazy, yet oddly... i want to do it again? lol i swear there must be crack in this workout or something
K 004
K 004 25 napja
You literally killed me 😭 But I love you soo much ❤️
lena feller
lena feller 25 napja
Anyone else has the problem that by work outs like the jack knife my back just arches to much?im working on it but I still have problems with it
abby lololol
abby lololol 25 napja
Bestie you could have give us a break during the exercises y'know 😭
Sido sea
Sido sea 26 napja
So hard
The first half was a leg workout for me SHEESH
CAMELIA 26 napja
Wow, thank you for these workouts. My waist: from 71 cm to 67 cm in approximately 20 days. I did muffin top-10 min, this lower ab workout and hiit. 1-day training, 1-day break, I got the results. Thank you;))
CAMELIA 24 napja
@Gul Chopan Hie yes it worked for me
Gul Chopan
Gul Chopan 25 napja
I'm lazy person if I don't have friends to do with these exercises I won't do them 😅😁
Gul Chopan
Gul Chopan 25 napja
Hi sorry is it working
shweta jadhav
shweta jadhav 26 napja
i have completed with abs workout n am having it tho...now.....thxx for the guidance dear.....
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Panna km. G.w.M. - Szív nélkül
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