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Pamela Reif
Pamela Reif
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Super happy to be your online training buddy!
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wanessa 14 órája
it’s just 10mins but i’m perspiring like mad 😮‍💨
Ioana Neagu
Ioana Neagu 14 órája
I really liked the last song! It was very motivating!
Vicky Gospodinova
Vicky Gospodinova 14 órája
“There are… many types of monsters in this world: Monsters who will not show themselves and who cause trouble; monsters who abduct children; monsters who devour dreams; monsters who suck blood, and… monsters who COMBINE UP AND DOWN PLANK WITH MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS ” - L Lawliet❣️
Nurul Ain Ariff
Nurul Ain Ariff 14 órája
i love you bestie! 💜
Alfiyahkusuma Ningsih
Idk but how this workout make me hurt my neck😭
Chin Barbara
Chin Barbara 14 órája
I’ll be back to continue from 8:19
Maraux 14 órája
When she said in her other video it's low impact, it wasn't and now she said this is intense, i'm afraid i might not get outta bed tomorrow as every part of me would hurt huhu
Nurul Ain Ariff
Nurul Ain Ariff 14 órája
i dont know what to say but surely i love you bestie!!!
Anna-Maria Binder
Anna-Maria Binder 14 órája
Ich fand es sehr… kognitiv fordernd und rentnerfreundlich. :)
Barbora Bernášková
Me: I have a pretty strong core Pam: Wanna bet?
Einfach Luisa
Einfach Luisa 15 órája
This woman kills me
Perfection 777
Perfection 777 15 órája
i loveeeeeee these dance workouts!!!! so fun please do moree!!!!!
Makayla Gilliar
Makayla Gilliar 15 órája
This is most likely my favorite workout by Pamela. This workout for me, went by fast and I could really feel the burn. I love it! When I first saw this video pop-up on my for-you page, I saw "Brutal" and said to myself I'm in for a challenge. However this workout was not as brutal as I thought in my head. I do ab workouts everyday so maybe that's why, but this workout is only 6 minutes and the music is fun so I recommend this ab workout. Thanks Pam!!!!!
Charmaine Joyce
Charmaine Joyce 15 órája
that f*ck u song is a mood while doing this workout
maria ramos
maria ramos 15 órája
らhin↜ 15 órája
hey guys if you read this can i do both beginner ab workout and leg workout as my daily routine?
Yana Stylee
Yana Stylee 15 órája
Abc Def
Abc Def 16 órája
core skills... more like core kills...
Cetin Özden
Cetin Özden 16 órája
Hello 🌹
Sheen Lluvido
Sheen Lluvido 17 órája
just in the middle of this workout my knees are already shaking
aino 17 órája
woaahh ilovelovelove this
Riz Canieso
Riz Canieso 17 órája
When she gave us 1 minute rest, I WAS LIKE THANK GOD
Flaminia Sterbini
Flaminia Sterbini 17 órája
The funny thing is that I CHOSE this video between two options
Flaminia Sterbini
Flaminia Sterbini 17 órája
Now me and this chair have a history. I will not look at it with the same eyes anymore
0312-4123380 Salman WhatsApp
Headphone 🎧 High volume 🔊 Broken heart💔 Remember old memories 😔 Closed eyes 😞 Tears on my eyes😭 __ ItsMy Feelings. _ ________________________________
Big13Ace 18 órája
This was a great work out
LIFE IN ISRAEL -christina pnina
Круто как !
Mr. Demon
Mr. Demon 18 órája
Gonna try improve cardio because I can’t even walk up the stairs without not even being able to breathe, hope this makes a change
HJ Lim
HJ Lim 18 órája
Pam casually hand gesturing to keep my booty up Me : HOw DiD sHe KNew!?? HoW!!
d_lin 18 órája
i am not sure if i will be back everyday or not but i will surely try day1~~~✔✔ did it....the pain was pretty fine thats bcuz i cant feel my legs anymore gonna do once more
Paige Bamberry
Paige Bamberry 18 órája
can someone tel, me if this worked please
Erwin Smith's wife
Erwin Smith's wife 18 órája
Thank you for not adding any side planks! ❤💝💖
EREN JEAGER 18 órája
The most longest and difficult 20 minutes for me and my heart♥️
Zanaki 18 órája
The music is all wanted to say to her😏😿
Yellow looks good on You!
картун утка
сколько килокалорий можно сжечь за такую тренировку?
Ann Marie Bakarr
Ann Marie Bakarr 19 órája
Amazing 💪🏾❤️❤️❤️
Ann Marie Bakarr
Ann Marie Bakarr 19 órája
Thanks for this workout I need to do cardio everyday 🙏🏾💪🏾❤️❤️❤️
Ann Marie Bakarr
Ann Marie Bakarr 19 órája
I workload home with you everyday 🙏🏾💪🏾❤️❤️❤️
Ann Marie Bakarr
Ann Marie Bakarr 19 órája
You’re the best💪🏾❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾
This video's very hard😥💦💖💖💖💖
Swati Kumari
Swati Kumari 19 órája
Scrolling the comments for someone to have written the exercise and sequence... but wait... it's not there...
Julie Chen
Julie Chen 19 órája
me: up and down planks are so hard my friend: mountain climbers suck pamela: up + down climbers : )
Maitri Maniar
Maitri Maniar 19 órája
Half the time and you realize it's actually an extreme arm workout
Swati Kumari
Swati Kumari 20 órája
Wow... all sweaty... 😊thanks ✔
Linda Lam
Linda Lam 20 órája
is it possible to love and hate an 8 minute video that felt so long
Sam Sam
Sam Sam 20 órája
OMG, yesterday I did for 10m and now my leg is dead. 🤣
Swati Kumari
Swati Kumari 20 órája
Why can't i do side plank crunches...and push ups... to the start...all exercise can be done easily...but the last round after break .. literally breaks me... 😭
texas_canada 20 órája
Solo aguanté tres minutos:c
my core was shaking….ur so strong Pamela I actually wish I was like that <3 my abs feel destroyed Note: you’ll definitely see results in ur core from this workout ;) 🔥
Anita Ariel Policante
Priyansh 21 órája
How many people think that orange colour suits her very much🤔
Anjusha Patil
Anjusha Patil 21 órája
Except the first one I did all
Jungkook's Melons
Jungkook's Melons 22 órája
i think i found my fave pamela reif workout
Mansi Upadhyay
Mansi Upadhyay 22 órája
How did you even do elbow plank on that rocky surface
Explore Design
Explore Design 22 órája
pam u look good in bright orange, feel the positivity
Nikki Nithin
Nikki Nithin 22 órája
Hoo fuck it yaaar!!!
Super Pandy
Super Pandy 22 órája
Does not seem neck friendly, this one 😭
Alexa Rodríguez
Alexa Rodríguez 22 órája
Me: there's nothing worst than up & down planks. Pamela: how about up & down planks IN CHAIR (:
Arleny Beltran
Arleny Beltran 23 órája
How the heck did she do this whole workout without any break 😮‍💨
Emma Seme
Emma Seme 23 órája
I love this thank you for making it
Ava L
Ava L 23 órája
SENG TV 23 órája
Always motivate yourself, it's hard and its true but if she can, im sure you can! Cheer up fellas. 🧡🎖️
Anna Luciano
Anna Luciano 23 órája
Did this for the first time today, and my god was it a struggle. So many breaks... but I got it finished. 👍
Lucille 23 órája
I sweat anyway during this exercise lol
flowerchild467 23 órája
Never realized how heavy my legs are until today
Marina Oceana
Marina Oceana 23 órája
Short and sweet! Broke more sweat than I expected lol
AliceWindy 23 órája
First time working out here, is it normal to feel extremely exhausted and out of breath after just 4 minutes of the beginning exercise
neko neko
neko neko 23 órája
Doing this for a month while on my diet and along with other workouts! gw:150 Day 1:✅ Obviously a bit hard at first but by far the best workout Day 2:✅ My abs are super sore, easier today though! Day 3: Day 4: Day 5: Day 6: Day 7: (1 week mark)
KK Guttzeit
Well done Pam! My internal screams have never been louder 😂
ame. Napja
Quality vs. Quantity
Loving the video, as always! ❤️ The music is ✨
The Hamster Army!
Oblique Burn
konan Napja
doing this everyday, hopefully! day 1; kinda disappointed, i kept taking breaks.
peggy Napja
anyone else hit their knees on the floor trying to do the up and down mountain climbers
belle lees
belle lees Napja
juni q
juni q Napja
If I get tired I pause the video. And do some exercise that target another body type then once ready I go back to the video. Try this and Don't give up. You can make it to your goal if you rest instead of giving in to the difficulty