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Pamela Reif
Pamela Reif
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Super happy to be your online training buddy!
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Georgia Nicoletti
Georgia Nicoletti 17 órája
my fear is this training coming in the plans for the next few weeks...
Ester Grabe
Ester Grabe 17 órája
Pamela you do the impossible: making me look forward to feel pain
Daksh Parjapati
Daksh Parjapati 17 órája
Thanks ❤️
Scandy Chocolate
Scandy Chocolate 17 órája
Endlich habe ich den Zeitpunkt erreicht, wo mir deise Übungen total viel Spaß machen 💖😜
Veronica Vidotto
Veronica Vidotto 17 órája
I don't know if burns more my abs after this workput or my heart for these AMAZING music that makes me dancing even when I was about to give up and only dancing ahah
nhuy tran nguyen
nhuy tran nguyen 17 órája
sky jones
sky jones 17 órája
Burned about 100 calories and my ab area (no defined abs yet) burns.
Haripriya Saravanan
that was so much fun
Aditi 17 órája
Can fat people do this? I mean i don't have any idea...
•Modelhorse Arts•
Looking forward to try it out tomorrow! Looks like you're gonna kill me once again lmaoo
Andrea Catalina Fajardo
as always excellente workput! I suffered a lot!
dominika 17 órája
this really was torture lol but i loved every second of it
Bodour A
Bodour A 17 órája
Actually was surprised at the halo exercise sheeeesh that was good
Melanie Gillard
Melanie Gillard 17 órája
@pamelareif I wish you had some alternative options for people with lower back issues. As much as I would love to curse at you even more. All these leg lifts are impossible but I tried my best! I look forward to your workouts 😊
İnci Keskin
İnci Keskin 17 órája
İ want obliqie workout
Superva Sharma
Superva Sharma 17 órája
This one is the HARDEST!!
debie reyes
debie reyes 17 órája
salty fries
salty fries 17 órája
All these ab holds got me holding on for dear life :")
Fernanda Castillo
Fernanda Castillo 17 órája
Daaaaaamn this was harddddd
MariaTheresa 17 órája
I can barely survive with your 6 minutes.. Now here comes 10?!! 😩🥵
Geetu Yadav
Geetu Yadav 17 órája
Omg , I loved it so much .
lisa asil
lisa asil 17 órája
Ganz großes Kino. Wieder eine kleine Steigerung, dass was wir wollen. Dazu noch meine Lieblingsfarbe als Outfit. Also fast perfekt! Ich bin so dankbar. Liebe Grüße
Edessa 17 órája
Hey Jesus kommt bald zurück und er liebt euch alle. Der einzige Weg in den Himmel ist durch den Glauben an ihn❤️
Edessa 17 órája
Hey Jesus loves you all and he is coming soon🙏✝️❤️And the only way to heaven is Jesus
maga 17 órája
llegué a los 8 minutos y ahora estoy en el piso
Ana Vero Medina
Ana Vero Medina 17 órája
The plank was my favorite part 😂
Viki Ščípová
Viki Ščípová 17 órája
Little mix songs are really great for workout!
Анастасия Дарадур
This is too hard 🔥
Ivet Parris
Ivet Parris 17 órája
You make it look so easy! great video! thank you 🙏
sara rodriguez estrada
Pairing this with the other 8 min abs + HIIT is so good👁👄👁💦
Sofia Cusin
Sofia Cusin 17 órája
I love the music of this workout! At 6:12 I propose adding "dead" to starfish hahaa. With your workouts and plans you really help me stay motivated and keep training. Now I feel a looot more stronger and confident. Thank you for all this Pam 💚
Amy Robb
Amy Robb 17 órája
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst 17 órája
In dem Video gibts nen Schnittfehler ... es gibt keine pausen
Yutika Rathi
Yutika Rathi 17 órája
I did it today it self,it was veryyy killer but amazing result after doing your workouts
Dianne Acebedo
Dianne Acebedo 17 órája
Wow that was hard!!! You have the best core workouts
Lynn Wehbe
Lynn Wehbe 17 órája
This is my favorite abs workout so far i really like the burn thanks Pam❤❤
tari sadiki
tari sadiki 17 órája
Please lower abs killer jajajaja
H W 17 órája
Well I did the 10min Lower Ab workout before... Then I saw this new video. I watched it before and knew I'll never gonna get through this perfectly like Pam. But I still tried it. I gave myself some pauses during the exercises (didn't stop the video) so i did like only half of each exercise, but that's ok. I just started a new hard workout and have to gain more muscels before doing it perfectly. Still proud i tried and proud of you trying it too. <3
It ́s Sami
It ́s Sami 17 órája
Erstmal gleich dein workout ausprobieren 🥰 ich freue mich schon ! Dank dir fühle ich mich endlich wohl in meinem Körper! Und mittlerweile schaffe ich 6 workouts hintereinander ohne zu jammern😂🥰
janamiiia 17 órája
YES finally a new sixpack workout that’s actually quite tough. all your other recent ab workouts weren’t that much of a challenge but i dieeeeedd in the first 4 few mins haha :) 💘 LOVED IT!!!!
Valentina Lazarus
Valentina Lazarus 18 órája
I so needed these new ab movements. Also, the last song :') I just found it out, so cool it was added into this!
Leana Elisa
Leana Elisa 18 órája
thank you so much pam, i‘m so much stronger now because of you<3 i remember when i started working out i wasn‘t even able to hold a side plank for 30 seconds hahaha
Rica Franke
Rica Franke 18 órája
This workout was meega cool. Mit tummy ist burning!! 🔥
Mariam abdullah fahami
This is the hardest abs workout ive tried
バシア 18 órája
This music is a blast! The workout too! I love it!
Jon Reyes
Jon Reyes 18 órája
The best ab workouts 👊🏼
Eman Shehada
Eman Shehada 18 órája
OMG it’s Brun so good
Magdalena Schoiswohl
You are the best Pam❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ This burns🔥🔥
Elly T
Elly T 18 órája
the moves seemed so simple but this was so hard !!!! loved it !’
khushi oberoi
khushi oberoi 18 órája
This 1 is really superb
Shikha Patel
Shikha Patel 18 órája
It’s very effective and makes me feel good ! This workout helps in the time of running late.
khushi oberoi
khushi oberoi 18 órája
I can feel the pain while doing this exercise....😣
Abigail Martin
Abigail Martin 18 órája
Pam- I would love a 10 min line dance/ country music style workout, I feel like it would be so unique and fun.
Yojana Malla
Yojana Malla 18 órája
I did this exercise just now It's evening time in Nepal And I cried but I didn't stop It's burning as hell I loved it
Airi Sotoku
Airi Sotoku 18 órája
Even if you couldn't finish, I am still so proud of you pressed the play button!! You tried and that's all matters!!
sara rodriguez estrada
Abs on fire😵💥💚
Hasan 18 órája
It looks so hard to do i'll try tomorrow let's see. 😰
Laura García
Laura García 18 órája
Omg this one was hard af! Loved it!
Mariapia Patania
Mariapia Patania 18 órája
Terezka Trvajová
Terezka Trvajová 18 órája
I was thinking what the hell is wrong and then I realised it’s the mat😂
Hansika Gurung
Hansika Gurung 18 órája
*iam dead*
Airi Sotoku
Airi Sotoku 18 órája
Niculina Grigore
Niculina Grigore 18 órája
You are the best
Niculina Grigore
Niculina Grigore 18 órája
Ooo,I was waiting for this,thanks a lot Pamela I will try it thanks
Maria Magdalena
Maria Magdalena 18 órája
If u wanted to see us dead you could’ve just told us 💀
heather 18 órája
If Pam was able to do this 3x in a row then I can definitely do it once 😂
Angelashley95 18 órája
I save this till the end...hopefully I can make it through.....
Angelashley95 18 órája
I got through it but just barely...this is more burn inducing than her other six-pack workouts. Good luck to everyone that does this workout 👍
Eve 18 órája
You know that this workout video will be hard when a plank exercise seems like rest or even heaven
Eve 18 órája
Every exercise that includes a knife; just like Pam knife you know that your abs will be extremely sore
Eleni Fanourgaki
Eleni Fanourgaki 18 órája
My favourite exercise is well done 😅😅
Eve 18 órája
The hardest exercise so far it's the Lefted ab Hold, the moment i tried it, i was sooo sore and the burn was real
Tzi Porah
Tzi Porah 18 órája
What’s this song mix & whose singing it ☹️💟
Eve 18 órája
The burn and the struggle is reall, once you see that Pamela struggles too ahahah
Yuri Cuy
Yuri Cuy 18 órája
Sulit banget.. 😭😭😭
Eve 18 órája
I tried this video and I've got to tell you that you are crzy Pamela, ahaha you are tynna killa us all
Elif Sehle Arabozan
I did it early in the morning. I feel the burn even in the afternoon. I also did today's optional video.
Negin Rezaei
Negin Rezaei 18 órája
Just explain to me how ever do you come up with these new workouts everytime?
Ana Kuzmanovska
Ana Kuzmanovska 18 órája
Best ab workout ever! Thank u Pam
Ivar The Boneless
Ivar The Boneless 18 órája
The best abs workout ever 🔥